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The management team at TAG works tirelessly to bring its members the best networking events and classes available. It has long been our stance that success is often a collaborative effort, not so much who or what you know but how you synthesize the knowledge gleaned and put it into practice being the nexus for success in your area of operation.

If you look at our management team you will see that knowledge and experience is the backbone of this organization, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience across business and industry. We are dedicated to constantly learning and striving for improvement, which we in turn commit to ensuring the future success of our members.

Check out the Management Team bios to see what each member brings to the table; we look forward to seeing you at the next training event. Let us know how our experiences can help you shape yours.

Already an existing TAG member? October is bursting at the seams with education offerings, be sure to check out our calendar and register early as spaces often fill up ahead of time. We have leadership, sales, marketing, and management classes available.

Financial Benefits for TAG Membership

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In our last few blog posts we focused on the many things our Members can learn from our seminars, partner training, workshops, conferences, and each other. In addition to learning more about how to improve your business, customer relationships, and product offerings, TAG can help you improve your company financials. We do this in part through our strategic partnership deals.

Thanks to our close relationships with strategic partners, Members benefit from discounts, bonus systems, special pricing, and custom training to increase their profits. These TAG Member Advantages will give you a leg up over the competition and make it easier to introduce new products and solutions.

Some other financial benefits include:

We provide each member with a detailed financial analysis, assessing performance, growth possibilities, and opportunities for improvements. TAG Members have a clear advantage over non-Member competitors, who have to rely on limited experience, resources, and assistance. By joining our network of valued industry leaders, you will quickly see the benefits to your company financials. Learn more by contacting a member of our team and requesting a financial analysis.

11 Millennials Complete TAG’s Succession Boot Camp

Posted on: July 28th, 2017 by admin

We’re excited to announce that 11 participants completed an intensive, 3-day Millennial Succession Boot Camp in June.

The boot camp was designed to help young leaders from among our Members who are interested in becoming successors someday. The curriculum exposed attendees to business concepts, methodologies, and TAG’s better practices that are critical to their future success.

A variety of topics were presented including leadership, sales, customer advocacy, financial management, marketing, strategic planning, and life business planning in an interactive workshop environment. Brian Suerth, Dale Stein, AJ Odish, Dale Johnson, Tim Schatz, and Larry Chupp all contributed to making this event a real success!

The team at TAG is looking forward to seeing these talented individuals grow as leaders as well as help them achieve their aspirations along the way. If you’re also interested in these types of events, be sure to keep an eye on our events calendar for the latest classes and workshops.


Regular Classes and Training

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Last month we focused on different training and webinar sessions that we offer our Members. In addition to the financial and business courses that we regularly offer both live and remotely, we also want to highlight the benefits for attending different types of classes on a regular basis. Whether you’re a CEO, Office Manager, Controller, Project Manager, Sales Representative, or working in a different part of your company, we probably offer a course that will interest you. Our classrooms are set up to help you create realistic and beneficial strategies, so you can improve your way of working. Take your new strategies and new learning back to your team and share – together as a team you can expand on new ideas and implement them in your business.

In the past few months, we’ve offered training on marketing leads, web traffic, financial management, C-TAP, teamwork, hiring, management, social media, and customer advocacy – just to name a few. There’s something there for everyone.

Interested? Keep an eye on our events calendar and ask us about our different newsletters for regular class announcements. We offer different expert sessions, webinars, in-person workshops, trainings, and more based on the interests and needs of our Members. You can also talk to your representative at TAG if you’re interested in any further training sessions covering different topics. One-on-one coaching is also an option, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe in continuous learning to benefit all of our Members, so sign up for a class today!

Business Learning to Improve Business Profitability

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As we get prepared for our Financial Management course in Calgary, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the ways that TAG can help your business succeed. Not only do we have the industry connections, know-how, and resources to give you a leg up on the competition, but we also provide business training and consulting services. We want our Members to be more profitable. That means more than just increasing sales and improving marketing. We share vital financial management best practices and strategies, so that you can better plan for financial achievements. Or you can join a webinar on innovative marketing and selling yourself as a trusted adviser to customers. There are regular classes that will help you step into new markets and technologies, or improve your current offerings. Experts will share operations management secrets and present tried-and-true methods for improving customer relationships.

TAG offers these business and industry courses live in the US and Canada or through webinars online. In some cases, our partners will offer training as well, such as how to combat cyber attacks from Webroot, or how to better improve your web presence from Atomic8Ball. If you’re interested in a topic, but don’t see a relevant event listed on our site, take a look at our library of resources – created just for our Members! We’re always adding new knowledge from the industry experts among our Members and Partners.

Still looking for something more? We also offer one-on-one coaching to help your business with specific challenges and planning. Our goal is helping you towards a more efficient and effective way of working. Don’t wait! Contact us today for further information.

Great Networking Opportunities

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We had a great time with the TAG Convention in Houston and would like to thank everyone for coming out to this event. It was a great way for our many members to connect with each other, talk about their challenges and successes, as well as have some good fun. The breakout sessions were informative, the Top Golf was a great competition, and we learned a lot from our Keynote Speakers, Colonel Mike Mullane & Jim Cathcart.

We also enjoyed some fantastic presentations from:

Kelly Ethington from CTS

Tommy Vaughn from Central Technology Solutions

our own Zach Liczynski, Tim Schatz, & Brian Suerth

Ruthann Black from Black CSI

Mark Wadnizak from Voice Smart Networks

Maggie Tristan & Tom Klosterman from ATS

Some topics at the convention included the big Toshiba news, as well as developments in access control and security solutions. Aside from the business talk, one of our attendees said that it was great to “get to know [other Members] more on a personal level vs. just business”.

But this isn’t our only even for Members! Throughout the year we have STAR Meetings, training sessions, and other events where you can connect to other Members. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn about how others have expanded their businesses, learned from mistakes, and their creative marketing tactics. We always look forward to bringing everyone together for a wonderful time together.

Learn more about our Member benefits and check out the pictures below!

TAG Convention Group
TAG Convention Presentation
TAG Convention
TAG Convention Together
TAG Convention Eating

Your Partner in Creative Marketing

Posted on: March 12th, 2017 by admin

While many of our Members bring their own marketing experiences and know-how to the TAG network, its a fact that on their own, small to medium-sized businesses won’t be able to achieve the same marketing successes of larger companies. That’s where TAG steps in, to bring together the different pieces of successful marketing that we see floating around the larger network, for the benefit of everyone. We’ve offered classes, workshops, and our own Creative Marketing Program to assist our Members with advanced marketing plans and strategies for their businesses.

All TAG Members can choose to receive basic to advanced level marketing training, filling in the gaps of our business owners and their teams. We offer marketing, public relations, and promotional materials that can be customized to fit your region and specific product offerings. Instead of always having to re-invent the wheel to market to different customer segments or promote particular services, you can use our resources to send out quality materials to entice customers. Don’t worry – your customers won’t be seeing the same marketing from you and your competitors. We actively work to differentiate our Members from the competition and stay ahead.

TAG wants to help its Members be successful. That is why we won’t just dump lots of brochures and materials in your laps. We’ll teach you how to best market your business in a creative, competitive manner, using the knowledge we’ve gathered from our partners and Members.

Learn more on our website about how we help our Members with their marketing strategies…

Network of Strategic Partners

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Every business owner knows the struggle of building a company up from nothing. In the beginning, but especially as you look to grow your business, every assistance is welcome. Over time, you build up a network of partners, mentors, experts, suppliers, and friends to support you. Working with the Technology Assurance Group has the benefit of being able to access a huge network of strategic partners, all looking forward to successful collaboration. All of our Members benefit from the additional products, services, and discounts that comes with these partnerships.

These Partners have been specially selected for their customer support and emphasis on quality. They provide a range of consulting, financing, software, certification, business, and IT solutions. They include distributors and manufacturers selling leading-edge products, such as Watchguard, Tigerpaw, Zultys, and Continuum, just to name a few. Whether you want your business to put more of a focus on security solutions or healthcare IT, you can find support within our list of partners. We can help you get rebates, discounts, and better deals than non-Members. In addition, you can benefit from workshops and meetings with these partners or talk to them at conferences. We help you with marketing products from our Partners, share tips and tricks for your sales, and enjoy a greater buying power together. You’re no longer a single fish in a wide ocean, but part of a larger group working towards the same destination.

Learn more about the different services they provide on our website.

Improving your Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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This year, make a resolution to focus on your current customers. At TAG, we believe education about how to better focus on customer advocacy and relationships is one of the best ways to achieve increased sales and profitability. We teach you how to look at each of your customers’ industries and particular needs, to offer the right solutions for their requirements. Instead of just being one of their vendors, you become a partner – finding new revenue opportunities and growing as they increase their business.

Our Members have seen significant growth through the Customer Advocacy Program, especially in their own business. Increased retention of key team members, new leaders and specialists emerging, and achievement of internal objectives are just some of the benefits to their organizations. You’ll see the results in employee productivity, profitability, and your competitive edge. By joining our network, you benefit from the support of other businesses who have similar goals and challenges. Our network can support you with additional resources, information, and purchasing power. Combined with our Customer Advocacy Program, you will soon be on the best path towards customer satisfaction and retention.

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Success with Strategic Teams for Advancement and Reward (STAR)

Posted on: December 6th, 2016 by admin

Do you enjoy the chance to exchange industry tips, developments, and pitfalls at conferences? There’s no need to wait that long to network. Through our STAR teams, members can share their unique experiences and knowledge to the benefit of the entire team. When experts come together, everybody profits for the exchanges. We help our STAR teams to meet several times a year for productive, engaging sessions, because we believe that success and advancement can only happen through collaboration.

We’ve been hearing from members, such as CIT, that they enjoyed the presentations given by fellow STAR members at the recent Baltimore meeting. Some of the topics discussed were how to ensure monthly recurring income and the benefits of agent programs. In addition to the networking and exchange of industry developments, our members enjoy the chance to socialize after all of the business talk. Some members also take advantage of the chance to visit local sights as part of their travel.

You and your business are not fighting a lone battle for advancement in unified communication and telecommunications. We here at TAG are here to help you and other members achieve your goals.
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