Improving your Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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This year, make a resolution to focus on your current customers. At TAG, we believe education about how to better focus on customer advocacy and relationships is one of the best ways to achieve increased sales and profitability. We teach you how to look at each of your customers’ industries and particular needs, to offer the right solutions for their requirements. Instead of just being one of their vendors, you become a partner – finding new revenue opportunities and growing as they increase their business.

Our Members have seen significant growth through the Customer Advocacy Program, especially in their own business. Increased retention of key team members, new leaders and specialists emerging, and achievement of internal objectives are just some of the benefits to their organizations. You’ll see the results in employee productivity, profitability, and your competitive edge. By joining our network, you benefit from the support of other businesses who have similar goals and challenges. Our network can support you with additional resources, information, and purchasing power. Combined with our Customer Advocacy Program, you will soon be on the best path towards customer satisfaction and retention.

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Success with Strategic Teams for Advancement and Reward (STAR)

Posted on: December 6th, 2016 by admin

Do you enjoy the chance to exchange industry tips, developments, and pitfalls at conferences? There’s no need to wait that long to network. Through our STAR teams, members can share their unique experiences and knowledge to the benefit of the entire team. When experts come together, everybody profits for the exchanges. We help our STAR teams to meet several times a year for productive, engaging sessions, because we believe that success and advancement can only happen through collaboration.

We’ve been hearing from members, such as CIT , that they enjoyed the presentations given by fellow STAR members at the recent Baltimore meeting. Some of the topics discussed were how to ensure monthly recurring income and the benefits of agent programs. In addition to the networking and exchange of industry developments, our members enjoy the chance to socialize after all of the business talk. Some members also take advantage of the chance to visit local sights as part of their travel.

You and your business are not fighting a lone battle for advancement in unified communication and telecommunications. We here at TAG are here to help you and other members achieve your goals.
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Learning about our Values

Posted on: November 4th, 2016 by admin

When you’re looking to join a partnership network such as TAG, you’re looking for more than a simple sales benefit. In addition to the training, new opportunities, and connections such a network brings, you are also looking for partners you can trust. We understand that mutual respect is key to a successful relationship.

In all of our work we strive for candid communication, regular consultation, patience, and compassion. All members of our network benefit from the cooperation and innovation that we foster in our exchanges. We want your company to grow, learning from others in the industry also seeking improvement.

We hope that by sharing our values and mission with you, we can lay the groundwork for a successful partnership.

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Using Group Purchasing Power to Your Advantage

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It’s easy to see how one lone company isn’t getting the best deals when dealing with suppliers on their own. Small or large businesses, it is still the same problem – negotiation power. This is where a larger group can help you with leverage, support, and savings. TAG Members receive these financial advantages through rebates and partnerships. We have carefully constructed good relationships to build a network beneficial for both Members and our Strategic Partners. The savings that our membership brings in purchasing discounts are only one of the many membership benefits TAG provides. Learn more here

Event Calendar and News

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Not sure when the next TAG event or seminar is? Check-out our event calendar! It’s color-coded for your convenience by location. Take advantage of the great opportunities out there and plan ahead.

Want to learn more about what TAG members are doing and planning? Check out our news section to see what our amazing members have accomplished. It’s organized by year and date so you can step back in time and see the latest and greatest.

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TAG Training

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Whether you are looking for a way to train employees in a live classroom or remote setting, we can assist you. With our online class registration, you can select remote or live, location and date, and course that you would like to enroll in. We offer a variety of courses from ‘Customer Advocacy Training’ to ‘How to Best Navigate the Shark Infested Waters of Social Media.’

We try to make training as convenient as possible no matter which location option you choose. In order to register, we need quick personal information to get you started and then you are set to go.

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The Benefits of Belonging to TAG

Posted on: July 3rd, 2016 by admin

How are TAG members elite? TAG members assure that their customers obtain the latest information solutions out there. Part of making sure this happens includes sales training processes, in-depth financial analysis, strategic partnerships, and best business and management practices.

Interested in becoming a TAG member? Want to increase your company’s sales and profitability? By becoming a member of TAG you can increase your competitive advantage via geographical exclusivity. Fill out a membership inquiry request today at:

TAG Members Partner to Upgrade Flint Schools

Posted on: June 10th, 2016 by admin

Among the many benefits of membership in TAG is the opportunity to network with other companies in the industry with similar goals and outlooks. This allows them to share strategies and occasionally collaborate on projects. Recently, two TAG member companies in Michigan–Complete Interactive Technologies Inc. ( of Clinton Township and Technology Solutions ( of Livonia–joined forces to install new infrastructure for two schools in Flint.

Together, they replaced the archaic voice and data infrastructure in these schools that was consistently failing with their level of use. They installed a new fiber backbone and Category 6 wiring, giving the schools the reliability and speeds that are crucial for using technology to its maximum potential for educating students. Not only does this project demonstrate the ways in which TAG member companies use the latest technology to help their clients achieve their goals, it reflects TAG members’ commitment to the communities they serve. Great work, CIT and Technology Solutions!

TAG Member Advantage

Posted on: May 15th, 2016 by admin

Being a member of TAG comes with a wide variety of benefits. Members have the unique opportunity to access a variety of products and services that drive profitability through recurring revenue, greater discount levels and dramatically increased rebates. TAG members receive the best deals in the marketplace from our ever-growing list of preferred providers. TAG is committed to the success of each of our members and want to provide them with all the tools they need in order to be!

Understand How to Lead & Learn From Your Millennials

Posted on: May 5th, 2016 by admin

If you missed Zach’s presentation at the Convention, you can hear it here!

Zach LuczynskiZach Luczynski   COURSE DESCRIPTION: More than one-in-three American workers today    are Millennials and in 2015 they surpassed Generation X to become the largest    share of the American workforce. Your ability to effectively lead your millennials,  while creating an environment for them to thrive will help you position your  company for long term growth. Zach Luczynski, of TAG, will show you how to find the “20s” within this  generation, how to keep them passionate about their work, how to leverage their  technological upbringing to keep you on the leading edge and get them  contributing massively to your bottom line. 

Monday, May 16 at 1:00 PM (Pacific Time) Register Now